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Termini Imerese is a rich city of history, art and culture and boast preistoriche origins. Numerous coves in the outskirtses show going back traces to the advanced Paleolitico and to the age of the Bronze and Copper and anciently it was known with the name of Thermae.

Conquered from the Roman, Therrnae was situated on the northern extremity of the hill, where today it is the high city and where they are still the more important rests like those of the Cornelio aqueduct and the viadotto for the attraversamento of the Barratina torrent. Also the system of the terme, that it took advantage of waters of chlorinated-sodiche termo-radioactive sources, is of roman origin and the waters came used for the cure of the uricemiche, reumatiche, arthritic affections and sciaticas. One town-walls building of medieval origin, delimited the ancient nucleus, characterized from the castle and from the tortuoso course of the rampe to gradoni that later on Carl V fortified with of i bastions and it supplied it of a grain loader. It was only after the half of XIX the century that the city was developed also to of frori of walls cinquecentesche. The takeover from part of the religious orders of it has rimodellato the image and in city it is advised to visit the Palmeri Villa, the public garden where there are the rests of the "roman curia" and the bell tower of the church of Saint Giovanni, the church of Caterina Saint of Alexandria with a beautiful pointed portale and inner of the pregevoli frescoes attributed to the siblings Giacomo and Nicol˛ Graffeo, the rests of the roman amphitheater, the Monastero of the Clarisse, the Liciniana Library that conserve of the valuable parchments, incunaboli and some precious editions, the church of Saint Mark Evangelista with it putties and one statue of the Madonna with the Child, the long Palzzi the way Garibaldi, it is the civil and religious center of Termini Imerese where to the inside of the entitled Dome to Saint Nicholas di Bari numerous works of art are guarded. The painted lignea cross from Peter Ruzzolone, the seicentesco altar dedicated to the Immaculate Madonna and a crocifisso of Giacomo Di Leo are indeed pregevoli. The Historical Center of the Town hall accommodates the Cammara Picta, knows it it main frescoed from Vincenzo the Barb one. The Civic Museum is entitled to Roman Baldassare and accommodates between the other, one numismatic collection with coming from silver coins and bronze from several cities of the Magna Greece and also one roman collection of coins. To see also important reperti of the roman period and that Arab, paintings, tapestries and other valuables. Other pregevole works to visit are one cupola of the church the Saintest Maria Announced in maiolica and the tourist complex of the Great Hotel of the Terme. Between the church there is also that one of Saint Maria of the Consolation, in baroque style, the church of Saint Maria di Jesus, the church of Saint Maria of the Misericordia and that one of the Croce Saint to the Mount. 

The city boast a beautifulst Lookout in the vicinities of the rocca with the Castle. The Lookout of Termini Imerese offers to a magnificent panoramic sight on the city and the port and spaces on the coast until Cefal¨, to the Saint mount Calogero, Head Saffron and even to Palermo. Exiting from the western depositor of Imerese Terms the bridge is found on the Saint river Leonardo and on the depositor it orients them, along the state road them for Messina, the ruins of Himera with the huge Tempio of the Victoria and the Antiquarium are found.

Preferred Hotels in Termini Imerese, Italy

S.S. 113 Zona Bonfornello km 207 Termini Imerese     View on Map
Himera Polis Hotel (Termini Imerese)
The Himera Polis Hotel is a friendly four-star hotel in Termini Imerese, enriched with facilities such as spa, gym and restaurant service. The Himera Polis Hotel has a private beach reserved for its guests. All the rooms have air conditioning and wi-fi. The Himera Polis Hotel, which is not far from Cefal¨, is the ideal starting point for tours of Sicily.
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From Ç. 74,00
Via LibertÓ, 221 Termini Imerese     View on Map
Hotel Il Gabbiano (Termini Imerese)
Il Gabbiano Hotel is a three-star hotel in Termini Imerese, with excellent views of the bay, not far from the city of Palermo and Cefal¨ and located close to the railway station and the beach. The Gabbiano Hotel has a restaurant serving local food and offers the guests buffet breakfast in the morning. The rooms are equipped with satellite TV and air conditioning.
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Via Ciaula, 10 Termini Imerese     View on Map
Hotel Piccolo (Termini Imerese)
The Piccolo Hotel is a three-star accommodation in Termini Imerese, not far from the railway station and within walking distance from the beach. The hotel guests are reserved free car parking. Other facilities available include the restaurant serving local specialities, a lounge bar and a panoramic terrace. The Piccolo Hotel rooms are covered by free wi-fi connection.
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Destination: LocalitÓ termale
Altitude:77 mt
Dial Code: 091
ZIP Code: 90018
Latitude:37░ 22' 0'' N (37.983333)
Longitude:13░ 74' 0'' E (13.7)

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